Shaving with Cut Throat Razors is totally old school and an art that requires patience, care and skill to not screw up. It should really be left to the professionals, but hey why not give it a go – how hard could it be?. Just remember to YouTube some instructions on how to master the craft before removing your face. Thant said, nothing prevents you from purchasing one to make your bathroom look the part. Everything communicates and a cut throat razor will name any woman wonder if thats’ how you roll, you know, when she snoops around…

But if you have some skill (and patience) and only shave once a week/month you might actually need a cut throat razor. The are though enough to go beyond stubble and handle bearded blokes. Another benefit of the cut throat razor, is that it gives great closeness, so no more irritation or razor burn.

You also have the option of “collection” a few. I’d say no more then 5, as they look great and don’t take up much space. But don’t go overboard as you don’t want to come across as a “razor collector” as it might send the wrong message. Buying a cut throat razor is also not a bad investment as you will never need to buy blades again.

Buying Guide

When buying Cut Throat Razors there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Material: Stanless Steel, Wood or Bone – Strictly No Ivory!.
  • Colour: Black, Silver or Dark Wood.


These are the best Cut Throat Razors on Amazon.

Saaqaans BSR-01 - Cut Throat Razor


Saaqaans BSR-01 – Cut Throat Razor

  • Material: Stainless Steel

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Haryali London - Cut Throat Razor


Haryali London – Cut Throat Razor

  • Material: Wood

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Sanguine - Cut Throat Razor


Sanguine – Cut Throat Razor

  • Material: Wood

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…shall we?

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